Change the world, change the future by knowing and choosing.
Make farm animal welfare more accessible.

Eggs, meat or dairy products you and I ate today.
What if the animals that produce them are unhealthy?
What if the animals are bone and consumed like industrial products without feeling the joy of life?
Would our minds and bodies be healthy?
We can change the world through the food we eat every day.
Why don't we start by knowing? Why don't we think together about “What will you and your family eat to live?”

Hear the origins of farm animal welfare from the ground up!

Why is it important for livestock, society, the planet and yourself?

We are holding workshops where you can learn about the current situation andissues of eggs,
meat and dairy products, as well as points to consider when making choices. Please feel free to attend.


From what we eat every day, we change the world. My experience of suffering from allergies and atopic dermatitis made me realize the importance of food.

Farm-animal-welfare-conscious, naturally-grown livestock products are hardly widespread in Japan, and efforts to address this issue are lagging behind. Livestock could produce safe and secure food when they are nurtured in a relaxed and healthy manner, and production methods that do not overwork them reduce the environmental burden on the earth.

We share the significance of farm animal welfare with as many people as possible, and aim to realize a food system (production, distribution, and consumption) that is friendly to animals, people and the earth.

George Ikeshima